How to Survive and Thrive in the post-Covid Era

Covid and the associated lockdowns are likely to be the biggest disruptive event to occur in most of our lifetimes. There are huge global changes coming as a result. The OECD is forecasting the worst recession in a century. But expect to see far more change than just a recession. Many industries have been disrupted, and there are extreme winners and losers. After we go through the recovery phase, expect to see people reinventing their lives, and companies reinventing their businesses. In this presentation, I take a look at these powerful global changes, and the other forces at work. I give some idea of how the world will change, looking at the winners and the losers. I then drop down a level to look at the macroeconomic impacts of Covid, and then take a look at how the Tech industry is impacted. Finally I take a look at how this might impact your SaaS company, and provide you with detailed advice on how you might need to react to position yourselves to thrive in the new world that is coming.

(This talk was first given on June 10th at SaaStock Remote 2020.)

Here are the Slides:

And here is the video:



Video timings:

00:46   Framework for Analysis
01:21     Epidemiological Questions
03:09   Global Impact
06:18    A New World Order
08:44   Macroeconomic Impact
13:45    Impact on the Tech World
16:48    Impact on SaaS entrepreneurs
20:44   Advice on what to do for SaaS Entrepreneurs
25:04.  Funding Environment
26:43   Understanding the Milestones required for Fundraising
27:37   The 9 Step model to get to Repeatable, Scalable and Profitable Growth

Here is the link to the “9 Steps to Repeatable, Scalable and Profitable Growth” presentations mentioned at the end: